Red House Launches BPO

BPO Launch

Red House is announcing the launch of Red House Services, a business process outsourcer, run by an experienced team of globally-minded billers. For many years, Red House Medical Billing and Credentialing, have utilized a team in Manila and Chennai. With this launch, they are offering expanding US-managed BPO services to the medical billing and broader healthcare industries.


What Sets Us Apart

Red House Services distinguishes itself as a team of US and Philippine-based managers trained to have a high cross-cultural competency. It is apparent that a BPO model is only successfully integrated into a billing department when there is a high-level global mindset. Not only do Red House teams have decades of billing experience, they train their clients about the cultural norms, business etiquette, and communication strategies of their new offshore teams. This allow them to be more competitive players in their space.


The Offering

Red House Services offers a spectrum of service levels from a hands-off Employer of Record to a full-service outsource model. Employer of Record partnerships create a team interviewed and hired by you. These people become your dedicated staff. Red House manages the complexities of payroll, Philippine government and tax issues, and HR tasks. When you prefer to simply outsource the workflows, the Red House team works as both the team and management reporting back to an operations touch point in your organization. We currently employ over 60 people involved in full RCM cycle work under our management. They work alongside the various Employer of Record teams. These models allow our clients flexibility to fit their company’s workflows. We assist our clients find their way to find a less expensive, better trained, experienced workforce.


RCM processes play the core role in our staff offering. These processes include data entry, eligibility verification, charge entry, AR, and payment posting. To augment our client’s success, we have a team of highly successful payor contract negotiators and credentialing staff. They may take on process work or clients may engage full time credentialers dedicated solely to their account. Finally, our services are able to Red House has staff ready to work for US, Australian, and Saudi billing clients.

Please, reach out to Jeff Hillam at if you’d like to discuss how a BPO partnership can augment your business trajectory.


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