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Red House is a full revenue cycle management company ready to help you improve your practice at any stage.

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Pick one of the four options to the right and we’ll show you how we can work together. We have designed these four options to create a journey that presents the most relevant information to you based on what kind of relationship and solution you are looking for.

Switching Billing Partners

Are you wondering how the transition works between billing companies?

First Billing Partner

What if your in-house billing is losing you money or isn’t working anymore?

Starting a New Practice

What are the steps from provider enrollment through a first insurance reimbursement?

Streamlining Credentialing Activities

Is a managed payor relationship program or an à la carte credentialing work the best fit?

Why we’re different.

Our perpetual drive to innovate in our service verticals allows our partners to hit their financial targets, be a competitive player in healthcare, and focus on the health outcomes of their patient population.


Our Team

It feels totally natural to invest capital resources in our team. Our focus on culture, workplace satisfaction, training, and skill set development is key to our ability to be the best in the market.



We’re committed to being on the consumer-side cutting-edge of technology in our space. We integrate AI and RPA, patient interaction tools, best in class digital security, and communication tools.


Patient and Payor Management

We innovate our approaches to these two major system players. Patients are demanding a better consumer experience while payors are doubling down on pushing administrative burden to providers and systems. We stay ahead of the crowd to ensure you stand out to patients and have active relationships with your payors.

Our Solutions

Medical Billing and Coding

Our billers and coders are the mainstay of our revenue cycle management. They manage all processes involved in submitting a claim to payors, following up on denials, reconciling payments, and working with patient's payments. These successful processes are backed by Artificial Intelligence to increase speed of payment by decreasing human error, increasing response rate with payors, following algorithm-based workflows, and making sure we keep a human touch.


Whether you are just starting up or hiring new practitioners, the speed with which you can credential them determines your ability to seek reimbursement, expand your practice, and accept new patients. Even with adept credentialing processes, insurers say it can take up to 90 days to credential a new hire. Our experienced credentialing team speeds that process by rigorous follow up, detail oriented submissions, and payor connections.


Our bookkeeping model is built for healthcare and integrates with your revenue cycle strategy execution. We will connect you with one of our expert bookkeepers. They'll get to know your practice and deliver perfect monthly books, and year end financials. As you have questions about your financials, your bookkeeper is always a quick message or phone call away.


We utilize a payroll platform which forms a comprehensive resource center for Employers and Employees wanting to improve their administrative operations. From payroll to HR and time tracking, our services are delivered faster, accurately, confidentially—and most important, personally. These enterprise solutions deliver sustainable benefits by connecting your people, your work practices and the latest technology to your business. Our system is totally cloud based and updates are across all parts of our system and are instantaneous.

EMR Partners

The backbone of our artificial intelligence powered medical billing service is our partner EMR. Seamless integration of our digital workforce makes the synergies possible. We receive deep discounts which we pass to you. If you choose to use a different EMR system, we are work on it. We have worked on dozens of EMRs. If you are ion the decision making process, let us consult with you on the pros and cons of your specialty and the softwares in your decision tree.

Telehealth Platform

Telehealth has never been more important and will only become a more integrated element of a healthcare practice. Our backend software has an easy-to-use telehealth tool which we offer for free for those who use our preferred EMR. Integrating telehealth at your practice will help you keep up with a fast pace and changing patient landscape. We will assist in the setup, provide use training, and ensure your coding and billing is maximized so you are reimbursed as you incorporate telehealth into your practice.

Practice Analytics

If you’re a numbers person, our EMR software automates a series of deep diving analytics. During monthly report runs, we can provide dozens of preset and custom reports to help your practice make decisions to become more profitable, improve patient outcomes, streamline your operations, and grow your financial base. Each specialty is different. And those differences mean unique performance indicators will help one and not the other. A range of reports will help you see detailed and graphically inclusive insights into your specialty. We also help compare you to industry standards.

Records Custodianship

We don't want you to worry about your medical files after closing your practice. This is where we step in and take over your files in a safe secure manner. We will also take care all incoming medical requests from patients, insurance companies and all other companies. Whether you are retiring from your practice or starting a different venture, we offer custodian of medical records, document scanning, migration of EMR files, letter service and medical requests. We will tailor our services to help make closing your practice a smooth transition. Our complete solution is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your patient base will still be supported as needed, allowing you to enjoy your next venture.

Technology Platforms


Exclusive Discounts for AzPA Members.

We are a supporting partner of the Arizona Psychological Association. Your membership entitles you to exclusive discounts on our services. We bill for over 50 AzPA members right now and are excited to see how we can help you!

  • 10% discount on medical billing services
  • Lowered flat rate pricing for credentialing
  • Free billing or start up consult
  • Free billing and coding hotline

More about AZPA Benefits from our Founder.

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