Expert Advice for Growing a Billing Company in 2022

3 Keys to Grow Your Medical Billing Company

Red House CEO, Jeff Hillam, joined other experts, hosted by AdvancedMD and InboxHealth, to discuss how billing companies can compete in turbulence.

Inbox Health asked, “Is your medical billing company poised to grow?” They answered, “With the right strategy in place, you will be able to manage a higher volume of patient statements and insurance claims with the same number of resources.”

In this webinar you’ll learn about best technology practices, marketing, M&A, and patient relationship management.

  • How to market your medical billing company for growth
  • What to look for in acquisitions
  • Tools to save time and run your business efficiently
  • Expert insight from the nation’s top medical billing professionals
  • Action steps you can take today to better manage increased demand for medical billing services

3 Keys to Growing Your Medical Billing Company