Solutions Overview

Medical Billing & Coding

Our billers and coders are the mainstay of our revenue cycle management. They manage all processes involved in submitting a claim to payors, following up on denials, reconciling payments...  


Whether you are just starting up or hiring new practitioners, the speed with which you can credential them determines your ability to seek reimbursement, expand your practice, and accept new patients... 


Our bookkeeping model is built for healthcare and integrates with your revenue cycle strategy execution. We will connect you with one of our expert bookkeepers. They'll get to know your practice... 


We utilize a payroll platform which forms a comprehensive resource center for Employers and Employees wanting to improve their administrative operations. From payroll to HR and time tracking... 

EMR Partners

The backbone of our artificial intelligence powered medical billing service is our partner EMR. Seamless integration of our digital workforce makes the synergies possible. We receive deep discounts... 

Telehealth Platform

Telehealth has never been more important and will only become a more integrated element of a healthcare practice. Our backend software has an easy-to-use telehealth tool which we offer for free... 

Practice Analytics

If you’re a numbers person, our EMR software automates a series of deep diving analytics. During monthly report runs, we can provide dozens of preset and custom reports to help your practice... 

Records Custodianship

We don't want you to worry about your medical files after closing your practice. This is where we step in and take over your files in a safe secure manner. We will also take care all incoming medical requests... 

A/R Rescue

We jump in on a project basis as overflow support when you feel like you can’t keep up with your AR. Our specialized AR Rescue team is expert at getting your claims reimbursed. AR Rescue is a model built on years of experience. Our process pushes through obstacles standing in the way of your reimbursement. We can help tackle the toughest denials. It doesn't matter how far gone you feel your AR is, we will scope out a project to maximize what we can save for you.


The A/R Rescue Process:

  • Analyze and quantify the claims in your AR
  • Interface with you and your team to set a course of action
  • Collaborate to initiate payor access
  • Execute the action plan
  • Report, recalibrate, repeat until you’re satisfied
  • Create sustainable processes for your team based on issues found

Don't let your A/R hurt your ability to run your practice. We create actionable rescue plans that aim to start recovering your claims within 2-6 weeks. We will leave your practice with the processes and capacity to stay caught up with A/R and maintain a positive cash flow so you can focus on what you do best, serving your patients.

Let's talk about maximizing your revenue cycle

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