We utilize a payroll platform which forms a comprehensive resource center for Employers and Employees wanting to improve their administrative operations. From payroll to HR and time tracking, our services are delivered faster, accurately, confidentially—and most important, personally. These enterprise solutions deliver sustainable benefits by connecting your people, your work practices and the latest technology to your business.


Our system is totally cloud based and updates are across all parts of our system and are instantaneous. You receive all of the flexibility of having access to your payroll data 24×7 with the convenience of a payroll company to manage the payroll processing, tax payments and impounding of funds. We couple your payroll data with Time, Benefits, HR and Workflows with one log-in to access your information.


We work with a payroll partner who works nationally. You get to work directly with a team member assigned to your office to help ensure perfect process, seamless integration into your workflow, and coaching for best practices. Many of our clients trust us and our partner to keep their employees paid.